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Latex Printing (Double Side Printing)

Introducing for the first time in the coastal region just to quench your thirst for unmatched quality. Have a look at the print of this machine and experience the mesmerising quality yourself. HP L3100 printer is a large format printer which gives high quality output to serve both your indoor & outdoor requirements. The very special feature of this particular print is that it prints on both side of the material for backlit signages, hence giving a visibly amazing quality both day and night with extra features like scratch resistance.

  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • Durability 2-3 Years
  • Photo Realistic Quality
  • Preferred for signages
  • Odourless Prints
  • Waterbased Ink
  • Print on any surface

UV Printing

UV Big Printer is a designed for your outdoor and indoor applications. UV printing known for its vibrant colors, more resistant to scratches, wear and tear and sun exposure than its traditional printing counterparts. A large promotional piece isn't going to become tired and sun-worn after a few weeks. Speed, durability, high print quality, surface flexibility and eco friendly are the advantages offered by ultraviolet printing.

  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • Durability 1-2 Years
  • High Quality
  • Preferred for Billboard & Signage
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Solvent Printing

Generally used for Large Format solvent Digital Printing for Outdoor Display on Flex, Vinyl, Mesh One-way Vision and for banners and Bill Boards. With frequent maintenance and conditioning we assure you that the print is worth the money that you pay.

  • Outdoor
  • Preferred for banners /Bill Boards

Eco Solvent Printing

Large Format Eco Solvent Printing for In-Shop Branding on Flex, Vinyl, canvas. Photos and paintings can be printed in this media. Ideal for an output with visible details and for a closer look.

  • Indoor
  • Preferred for In-shop Branding
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large formate printing services

A3 Multicolor Laser Printing

The Laser Printing segment at Rangoli Digitals is a computerized unit that rapidly produces high quality text and graphics on plain paper. The new imaging technology of Laser Printing allows wide latitude of paper substitutes. Print on demand option gives you an opportunity to have custom made Invitations, Greetings, Menu Cards, Visiting cards and Stickers. It's easy to create impressive colour documents harnessing the technology to the advantage.